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Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the challenge of hyperscaling complex infrastructure and operations to the degree required to monitor Covid-19 vaccines on a global scale at extreme pace was daunting to say the least. Let me share my experience in dealing with some of the technical and some of the less technical challenges we faced in such an undertaking and my key learnings that I think led to our success.

Heiðar Eldberg Eiríksson, Controlant
DevOps Engineering Manager
Ferilskrá (BIO)
Heiðar Eldberg Eiríksson has worked in the technology sector since 2006 with a brief detour in the film industry between 2012-2016. Currently employed as DevOps Engineering Manager at Controlant, having led the migration to the cloud I'm currently heavily invested in the challenge of bringing about a DevOps transformation and automating the deployment and operations of software in the cloud.