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2017 Keynote speakers

PatrickGrillo Patrick Grillo

rating star   Sales and Marketing Director
weblink  Fortinet 

Short BIO: An International sales and marketing executive with 30 years of experience in the networking and security markets working with and through channel partners. I have a very strong Solutions and Product Marketing background and am very skilled at developing value propositions, product positioning and launching products. I am an exceptional public speaker and am often in the role of Product Evangelist. My commercial skills and experience are complimented by a strong technical background which gives me a unique perspective on technology and how it can meet a customer’s needs. My technical background also allows me to acquire new technologies very quickly. To me, marketing is more than just datasheets and customer giveaways; all Marketing efforts must have a defined objective and support sales objectives. The product focused marketer has to be the embodiment of the product and a subject matter expert both internally and more importantly externally, understanding both the channel partner’s and end user’s perspectives. Specialties: Network security, IP Networking; Satellite communications; channel sales and alliances; product marketing; developing value propositions and product positioning; multi-cultural experience and sensitivity.


CM New Chris Meering

rating star  World Wide Got to Market Lead IoT HPE Communications Media Solutions
weblink  Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Short BIO: Chris Meering has been part of the HPE CMS IoT Worldwide Practice since its inception. He is responsible for “Go To Market” activities for the HPE Universal IoT Platform and working across industry verticals within HPE as an IoT Subject Matter Expert. Chris also has over 25 years of operational, consulting, and business development experience in the telecommunications sector.

Cyborg Neil Harbisson

rating star   Cyborg activist

Short BIO: Neil Harbisson avant-garde artist and cyborg activist based in New York. He is best known for being the first person in the world with an antenna implanted in his skull and for being officially recognized as a cyborg by a government. His antenna uses audible vibrations in his skull to report information to him. This includes measurements of electromagnetic radiation, phone calls, music, as well as video or images which are translated into sound. His wifi enabled antenna also allows him to receive signals and data from satellites. When Neil Harbisson was born he saw the world in black and white. By uniting human intelligence and technology his spectacular skull implanted antenna was created making him able to perceive colours via sound waves. Through an integrated internet connection he even receives colours from space as well as images, videos, music or phone calls. He is the world’s first recognised cyborg and a living proof that IOT is heading towards the cognitive era. Since 2004, international media has described him as the world's first cyborg] or the world's first cyborg artist, for expressing himself artistically through a new sense created by the permanent union between cybernetics and his brain. In 2010, he co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, an international organisation that defends cyborg rights, promotes cyborgism as an art movement and supports people who want to become cyborgs. In 2015 he co-founded Cyborg Nest, a company that creates artificial senses to extend the perception of reality.

GerlasVanDeHoven Gerlas van de Hoven

rating star   CEO
weblink  Genexis

Short BIO: Gerlas van den Hoven started his career at Philips Research in the area of components for long haul and metro networks. He worked as product line manager for optical amplification at JDS Uniphase, where he became part of the JDSU Netherlands management team. After JDSU, Gerlas worked for Genoa Corporation as VP Products. Here, he developed the market for low-cost integrated optical amplifiers for the metro-access market. In 2002, Gerlas co-founded Genexis, a company focused on the development of home gateways for fiber-to-the-home. He is currently CEO of Genexis. Gerlas van den Hoven holds a PhD on the subject of silicon-based photonic materials.