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EXPO sponsorship

The UTmessan EXPO will be virtual this year.  There are 3 different sponsor types. Sponsors make their own virtual material wich will be linked in the EXPO area for the Conference guests. One link to web outside where sponsors can have whatever they want to show the UTmessan guests.

EXPO sponsors can now also take part in UTmessan week as well as on the Conference day February 5th and use all the new opportunities that the virtual world offers.The EXPO will no be open on Saturday this time.

EXPO sponsors can choose from these 3 different type of sponsorship.
If you have any questions feel free to send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





500.000 ISK
250.000 ISK
50.000 ISK
Virual space at the Conference
Event in UTmessan week
Link to your web from utmessan.is
Podcast in UTmessan week (fully booked)
Gifts to conference guests
Posts to UTmessan's Instagram
Logo on conference agenda
Elevator pitch in conference break
Other options
Limited Platinum
Gold and Silver
as one now
Only startups
< 5 years old



Invoice must be paid before February 1st. 2021. Otherwise the sponsorship will not be activated in the event platform and the sponsorship automatically cancelled without warning. 
A 50% fee must be paid in case of cancellation before 15 January 2021, after that, a full fee is charged.


Info about exhibitor
Please choose type of Expo space