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Sponsors and Exhibition Opportunities

UTmessan is one of the largest IT events in Iceland. The event consists of Conference and Exhibition and is a two-day event.

On Friday is a Conference with many tracks for IT specialists and people working or interested in tech and Expo for conference guests. At the end of the conference day, the UT awards will be presented at a special ceremony. On Saturday the Expo is open to the public where families and individuals enjoy a day in the tech world. Hopefully UTmessan generates interest in tech for the younger generation and we see a significant increase in those who choose tech as their future work area.

All major computer and technology companies in Iceland along with their partners display the latest technology and tools along with software and more related technology. UTmessan has been held since 2011 and is one of the largest IT events in Iceland. UTmessan is held by Sky, The Icelandic Computer Society.

Companies in the Expo area are obligated to be on both days and help us get more people interested in tech.


Select the type of sponsorship and get your dream space in the Expo area. Please read carefully what is included in each type of sponsorship and disclaimer before you order. Note that we use the first-ordered first-gets so your space could be gone if others order it first. We try to have the Expo overview up to date and update it as soon as new registration comes in.



6.600 EUR

990.000 ISK

Sold out
  • 16 m2 Expo space (8*2m) on 1st floor
  • Logo & link on website
  • 4 Expo passes
  • 6 Conference tickets
  • Advertised as a Platinum Partner
  • Representative in the local committee



4.000 EUR

600.000 ISK

Sold out
  • 10 m2 Expo space (5*2m) on 1st floor
  • Logo & link on website
  • 3 Expo passes
  • 4 Conference tickets



1.900 EUR

280.000 ISK

Sold out
  • 6 m2 Expo space (3*2m) on 1st floor
  • Logo & link on website
  • 2 Expo passes
  • 1 Conference ticket



1.600 EUR

230.000 ISK

Sold out
  • 6 m2 Expo space (3*2m) on 2nd floor
  • Logo & link on website
  • 2 Expo passes



670 EUR

100.000 ISK

Sold out
  • 4 m2 Expo space (2*2m) on 2nd floor
  • Logo & link on website
  • 2 Expo passes

EXPO area

Why become a sponsor?

This a great opportunity to introduce your company, products, and services to technicians and IT professionals, students in computer science, and the public. This applies to all companies that are directly or indirectly dependent on information technology and independent of market areas because the purpose is to show the ICT sector.

Particular attention is given to the fact that exhibitions will have something interesting for the public on Saturday and the exhibitors are obligated to have a full presence on Friday and Saturday during the UTmessa.

Your benefit

  • Tickets to the UTmessan conference
  • Stronger connection with UTmessan participants
  • Opportunity to meet friends and acquaintances and strengthen the network
  • Good presentation of your company and philosophy
  • Participate in an event that aims to show how much progress there is in the technology sector
  • Opportunity to influence young people to choose ICT as a future career - even have your company as a future workplace!